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      Hey guys! Let me just begin my introduction by saying how excited I am to share my passion for disability law with everyone using this message board. My name is Jennifer Morgan and I am the founder of Impact Disability Law based in Denver, Colorado. I have been a practicing attorney since 2007—and one of these days I hope to get it perfect! In all seriousness, I love what I do and am fortunate to have enjoy a unique career focusing on two areas of law that are distinct but show my excitement for serving others: education and disability. A fun fact about me is that before attending law school at the University of Oklahoma, I went to Arizona State University where I was a member of the Women’s Basketball team. Go Sun Devils!

      Wow, Jen is a tough act to follow but I’ll try! My name is Michael Liner and I became a disability attorney because I know what it is like to be labeled as “different.” As a child, I attended a special school in Detroit for children with attention and behavior problems. My behavior problems were so severe in fact that I was ultimately expelled from that school. Thankfully I had parents who refused to give up on me–even if I did cause my dad to grow a bald spot. When choosing a career path, it was important for me to find a profession where I could help people going through experiences like my own. In 2013 I founded Liner Legal – Disability Lawyers based in Cleveland, Ohio which I am proud to say has grown into one of the most respected disability law firms in the country. I have successfully represented thousands of claimants seeking Social Security Disability benefits at all stages of litigation — from initial applications up through the Federal District Court level. More important than any of my professional accomplishments, however, what I care about most is expanding the impact and footprint that my law practice can have on my local community and individuals living with disabilities nationwide.

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      Hello Michael & Jenn,

      If one is interested in trying to return to work full-time
      and give up SSDI what is the process? I understand there are trial work periods. I am specifically speaking of voluntarily giving up SSDI with the hopes of finding a job that is not too stressful, and is functional and doable.

      SSDI limits ones income and many people are torn between finding full time work versus struggling financially.

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        Awesome question! There isn’t a “process”, per se. Someone can choose to terminate SSDI benefits at any time by going into the local Social Security office (or during COVID, calling). It sounds like you already have an awareness about the availability of a trial work period, which for those who don’t know, allows people to attempt to work while still maintaining their SSDI eligibility. My question for you, is why would you want to give up the disability benefits before going through the trial work period (which allows you to work for 9 months out of 36 without regard to the earnings cap you mentioned) and Extended Period of Eligibility (which follows the trial work period if you aren’t still working above SGA) to ensure you actually are able to work with your health issues?

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      I am just about out of trial work periods.

      Extended Period of Eligibility I maybe starting a new job which may exceed SGA which I believe is $1200 for people whom are not blind.

      I am just being proactive and inquiring.

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      Being proactive is definitely the way to be. The key is just to keep communicating any earnings you have to SSA. Here is a link to help with that: https://choosework.ssa.gov/library/wage-reporting/index.html. The only other thing I would add is that SGA in 2020 is actually $1260 for non-blind individuals, so a little bit more than indicated in your message. I hope all of this helps! If you have any other questions please let us know 🙂

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