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      Hello I’m new to the board, my name is Al and I have had A/S since I was 26 and I’m 75 now. For many years it was as if I didn’t have it , but as I got older my back arched over and I lost 7 inches of my height. I have trouble with pain a lot but I have to make it work. But these pass few months I have been losing my balance and have to lean on items when I walk. I want to know if any of you have had these same symptoms? I’m hoping this won’t get worst as I age . But time will tell. Thanks and hoping I get any input. AL

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      I have always been a little clumsy, but in the last year, I have had several falls, one very serious one just a week ago. I notice I’m having balance issues and stumbling more. I am taking water pt, and am thinking of starting tai chi. I’m diagnosed with non-radiographic but think it’s probably AS, so I’m going for a second opinion on the X-rays and MRI. Do you use a cane or walker? You may want to see your doctor and get an evaluation for assistive aids. While I’m just getting diagnosed, I’m 58 and believe I’ve had this for many years.
      Hang in and know you’re not alone in this!

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